Every new wireless speaker we receive feels like it’s more complicated than the last. Anybody who wants to give their life over to Alexa or Siri is more than catered for, but those who just want a simple Bluetooth audio experience often end up paying for things that they don’t necessarily want to use. Kanto’s SYD speaker is proof that this doesn’t have to be the case. In this review, we break down the SYD’s sound, design, packaging and accessories, specs and more. To see how it stacks up, see our list of the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers.

I’ve been excited to review the new Kanto SYD since it was first announced. The unique shape and style of the speaker immediately brought up a few questions: Is it meant to be a soundbar? Is it supposed to replace Bookshelf speakers? Is it a true stereo speaker?

Maybe it’s unprofitable or maybe it’s too technically difficult. Either way, there don’t seem to be too many companies out there making decent high end powered speakers at reasonable prices. After recently speaking with some of our readers, we were introduced to a Canadian company by the name of Kanto Living, which produces high end desktop speakers similar to those found in Audioengine’s speaker lineup. As we have previously reviewed and have been quite impressed with all of Audioengine’s offerings, we were quite intrigued when we heard about Kanto Living. Looking at Kanto Living’s website, they make everything from furniture to speakers to cables to mounts, but what we’re most interested in is their bookshelf powered speakers. Looking at their bookshelf powered speaker lineup, it includes three speakers: the Kanto YU2, Kanto YU4, and Kanto YU6. The two newest speakers in the lineup is the Kanto YU4 and Kanto YU6, both of which were announced at CES 2017.

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